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These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Georgia That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Peaches are not the only thing Georgia is known for!

Have you checked the calendar lately? Because October is here people! That means more chai tea, jean jackets, and, of course, Halloween! Yes, Halloween is near! That means it's time to start booking your tickets to your favorite creepy spots and have the time of your life.

But, if I may, add a suggestion and say why not switch it up and plan a road trip to explore some of the haunted spots in Georgia! Why not? Everyone knows Georgia is known for way more than just Atlanta and some peaches! Georgia has some of the scariest places in the states, and it gets worse the further south you go. So, call your crew and tell them to get ready to road trip through Georgia this fall! Below, you can catch a list of some spots to hit first!

Old Candler Hospital

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Ever heard of the disease called yellow fever? Well, the people around in the 1800s sure do. Old Candler Hospital — the first hospital in Georgia and one of the haunted places in the state, was known for having a tunnel underground. The tunnel was used to toss out the bodies of those who died from the disease. Many people who tour the hospital say they see ghosts lingering around the tunnel area.

Rhodes Hall

Where: 1516 Peachtree St NW

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Rhodes is commonly known as the “castle on Peachtree.” Back in the early 1900s, a wealthy man by the name of Amos Rhodes built this house. He lived there with his wife who later died inside the home. The house now serves as a popular wedding venue. Some guests have said they hear sounds of children laughing and have seen dark figures moving around in the basement. Pretty cool!

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Sorrel Weed House

Where: 6 West Harris St

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Sorrel Weed House is the most haunted house in Savannah. It’s known for a high presence of paranormal activity. Why such a high level, you ask? Well, it’s because the homeowner, Francis Sorrell, was living in the home with his wife until she died. Some years later, Sorrell married the youngest sister of his late wife. Then he had an affair with a slave, and when his wife found out, she jumped off the second floor and died. Just weeks later, the mistress was found dead. Rumor has it his first wife caused both deaths. Haunted house tours are currently available. Go now!


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Tennga Motel

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During your road trip in GA, proceed with caution if you were hoping to stay a few nights at the Tennga Motel! Okay, it’s not open but still, proceed with caution!

This old motel looks just as creepy on the outside as it does on the inside. Many windows and doors have been busted out, and stuff from previous guests seems to be still lying around inside. It’s apparent that whoever stayed there, up and left one day, leaving a mysterious story behind for the world to figure out.

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Central State Hospital

Where: Powell Building, 620 Broad St

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Once considered the largest mental health hospital in the world, this facility is now one of the most haunted places ever. Central State Hospital housed at least 5,000 sick people, and sadly not many of them ever got to leave once they walked in. It’s said that over 2,000 people died here and there's a graveyard where most of those people are buried not too far from the now abandoned hospital. In 2010, all doors to the hospital closed leaving it to rot.

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Harville House

Where: 3955, 1850 Harville Rd

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The Harville House is probably the oldest house you will ever see. It’s a wonder that it's still up. Why do people consider this place super haunted? Well, because when people have sneaked inside and recorded the house, they later find crystal clear voices on their recordings. It’s been said that two ladies once lived in the house and they both died inside it and nobody ever noticed. Rumor has it that sometimes you can see ghostly figures in two rocking chairs.

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The Pirates House

Where: 20 E Broad St

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Sure, if you want to have dinner here during your road trip, go right ahead. Just beware of the ghostly pirates! Yrrrr! Let us start by saying this house is over 250 years old, so it has a lot of history. The building dates back to the 1700s, and it was a location that welcomed all sorts of outlaws including murderers, you name it. Legends have it that men would have a drink at the bar, pass out, and then awaken on a ship where they were forced to work!

Although, its covered now, there was a tunnel under the building that led to the ship that they had to board. Now, it’s a restaurant and has pictures and statues of pirates in it. Enjoy your dinner!

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Andersonville Prison

Where: 760 POW Rd

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Back in 2015, there was a funeral held in GA for the 13,000 men who served in the Civil War, for many years prior. It's been estimated that while it was active, over a 14 month period, about 30 P.O.W.s died here each month. Many were tortured, beaten, or starved. Today, when people come and visit the old prison, many instantly get the chills from this powerful place.

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Ellis Hotel

Where: 176 Peachtree Street

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They don’t call the Ellis Hotel creepy for no reason. Dating back to the early 1900s, the Ellis Hotel, or the "Winecroff Hotel" as it was then known, was the site of a horrible fire. The original structure was destroyed of when it caught on fire and of the 280 guests checked in, sadly, 119 perished in the fire.

Now, the shell of the hotel has been transformed into the famous Ellis Hotel and, of course, adheres to modern fire and building protection codes. Legend has it that a set of twins died in the fire and sometimes their shadow can be seen at the end of the halls.

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Bonaventure Cemetery

Where: 330 Bonaventure Rd

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Bonaventure Cemetery is a place filled with tragedy. But before it was a cemetery, it was a plantation. What is haunting at this cemetery are the monuments built to commemorate everything from war and the sacrifice of soldiers to persecution. Bonaventure Cemetery is also known for its high traffic. It typically gets around five million visitors per year. It also closes at 5 p.m. each day.

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Statue Of Mary Meinert

Where: 161 Church St

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St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta has a spooky history not for the faint of heart. Not only is the gravesite of Jon Benet Ramsey located at St. James but also a statue of Mary Meinert and her twin babies. Rumor has it that Mary's house caught fire and when she went to rescue her babies, all three of them died. If you ever get a chance to walk the gravesite at night, you may hear Mary weeping for her babies.


Moon River Brewing Company

Where: 21 W Bay St

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Although the Moon River Brewing Company is widely known for its excellent service and beer, decades ago it had a different reputation. Back in the late 1800s, when it was a hotel and post office, the place was known for its violence. Seems the hotel welcomed guests from both the North and South whose disagreements would often escalate.

There were constant shootings, fights, and arguments until finally the hotel shut down, later reopening as a brewing company. Locals now often complain about beer bottles being tossed around and being pushed randomly by “something.” Customers believe the brewery still has violent spirits lurking around.

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Bulloch Hall

Where: 180 Bulloch Ave

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Rosewell, GA is well known for its creepiness and Bulloch Hall is one place that stands out. Not only is this place super old but it's was also the home to Teddy Roosevelt's mother. Yes, our 26th President. She lived in this home long before Teddy was in the picture but that’s not why it's haunted.

Apparently, a little girl was found floating in the backyard well. It’s rumored she was in charge of turning lights on and off in that home and when she died she continued doing that! Don’t let the light flickers scare you too much!


Barrington Hall

Where: 535 Barrington Dr

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When many people have died in the same house, paranormal activity is bound to happen! Sadly, at Barrington Hall, that’s precisely what took place! It’s pretty tragic, but several generations of the Barrington King family lived and died in this home. During tours of the house, you can hear unexplained footsteps and smell fresh cigar smoke.


Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

Where: 99 Peachtree St NE

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Beware when you visit New American Shakespeare Tavern! It’s beyond haunted and brings the scares. Folks have reported rooms being rearranged, opening and closing doors, and even rooms locking on their own. Its pretty clear that these ghosts aren’t leaving anytime soon. Or maybe they're just acting! You know, since it’s where people come to perform!


The Fox Theater

Where: 660 Peachtree St NE

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Its no secret the Fox Theater has been around since the early 1920s. It’s hosted so many plays and shows since that time. However, don’t think nothing else is going on!

For only three days in October each year, you can experience all the spookiness that the Fox Theater has to offer. You get to tour the building and hear all kinds of scary ghost stories. I mean, the place is almost 100 years old — of course, ghosts live there!


17 Hundred 90 Inn

Where: 307 East President St

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I welcome you to room 204. As we know, Savannah holds the title of having the most hunted places in Georgia and 17. Hundred 90 definitely makes the cut. Many have witnessed a young woman standing in the corner of a room, facing a window. Anne Powell is her name, and she supposedly stands in room 204. It’s said that she fell out that window one night. The story isn’t clear as to why. However, most speculate she had a broken heart. I guess she’s still looking for closure.

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The Kehoe House

Where: 23 Habersham St

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The Kehoe House was once a family home before turning into a favorite, haunted, bed and breakfast. It’s believed that many of the children who lived in the house, died in the home. Some say the Mother reported her children missing and later found them deceased in their chimney one day. Now, we aren’t sure on that claim, but the guest who comes to visit have attested they have seen, heard and felt some pretty strange things. Yes, some say they have been touched on their arm. Well, don’t you need a place to stay during your road trip?

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Kennesaw House

Where: Marietta Square

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This place is not a house. Instead, it once served as a makeshift hospital and morgue during the civil war. Now, it’s a museum in the well-known Marietta Square. During tours, people have claimed they saw figures that look like soldiers getting operated on by doctors. Others claim a ghost can be seen faintly waving as tourists leave. If you visit here, be sure to wave back!

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Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel

Where: 125 W Lamar St

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The last stop on your road trip should be the Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel. Ghost hunters have done significant reporting on this location and say there’s definitely paranormal activity. Decades ago, both a mother and daughter who lived here, fell to their death down an elevator shaft. You can hear them running up and down the halls at night laughing. Creepy.

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