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8 Super Easy Georgia State University Courses

Can we get an "A"-men?
8 Super Easy Georgia State University Courses

The struggle to find a balance between school, sleep and a social life is 100% real and sometimes, trying to find a happy medium can drive you crazy. With school back in session, we want to help you find your balance by offering you ways to manage your stress. Georgia State University's easy courses to take this year is a great life hack that can help boost your GPA.

Career And Life Span Development

With all the options out there, how on earth are we supposed to decide what to do for ther rest of our lives? This course helps you get on the right track to decide on your future career, manage career development and start planning your life in general.

Media Culture And Society

Millennials and media go together like PB&J. This interesting and fun class investigates how media has transformed politics, culture and communication, and assesses the debate on media's effects on American society.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

A lot of us are social butterflies, so this class should be a breeze. The course emphasizes the effect of communication on different groups in society and teaches you strateiges for understanding, appreciating and managing relationships, both personally and in your career. Bonus: the class is fully online.

Greek Drama

This will add some dramatic excitement to your life. In this course, you'll study topics like tragedy by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides or comedy by Aristophanes and Menander.

From Ferris Beuller to Freedom Writers: Images of Education in Film

This anything-but-ordinary class is a fun course that lets you analyze how the film industry has shaped our perceptions of students, teachers and schools. Much of the class is watching movies, so we think this is a super easy A.

Sexuality and Society

Let's be real, who doesn't love talking about sex? This course examines trends in sexual attitudes and behaviors across the life course and how they are influenced by social interaction and social institutions. *Queue Marvin Gaye playlist*

Nutrition and Health

Self-care, amirite? This course helps undergrads learn more about nutrients and energy (because we all know we need it) and the scientific basis for nutritional requirements.

Human Communication

This super easy intro class teaches you a lot about what you already know. You'll discuss topics like language development, verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, and intercultural communication.

Now that class is in session, you definitely deserve some real fun on the weekends, so grab some tickets to Georgia's version of Coachella in September or take a mini vacay with your girlies to these adorable oceanfront cottages on Tybee Island.

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