An All-New Instagrammable Pop-Up Experience Is Coming to Atlanta Next Month

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Things To Do In Atlanta Must Include This Insta Pop-Up Experience Next Month

In Atlanta, we're always looking for something new and exciting to capture, but of course we want to have an awesome experience and create memories along the way. "Pop-up" experiences are prevalent in Atlanta, providing the perfect opportunities for fun, Insta-worthy moments. Among the list of things to do in Atlanta in November is TFTI, an all-new pop-up photo experience and it is bringing "do it for the 'gram" to a whole new level.

First we had Candytopia, then came 29Rooms and now we have TFTI and it will totally blow your mind. This immersive photo experience pop-up debuted in Houston, Texas in 2018 and Atlanta is the first location outside of Texas to be blessed with the exhibit. TFTI (AKA "Thanks For The Invite") can also be translated to "That's For The Instagram," according to co-founder, Bryan Andaya.

The imaginative sensory overload isn't just about creating the perfect Instagram shot. It's about releasing your inner creativity and imagination as you immerse yourself in ten rooms of dreamy illusions and props that will transport your mind, body and soul into a fantasy world.

Each of the ten rooms creates a new and unique experience full of illuminated neon structures, optical illusions and plenty of enticing props. From an "Upside Down" room, a room decorated with hundreds of rose petals and even a pillow fight exhibit, you and your friends are totally in for the most thrilling photoshoot of your lives. Treat it as a solo adventure for an encompassing day of self-discovery that results in some great selfies.

This creative space, which will be located in Lenox Mall at the former Topshop, is the perfect place to let your imagination roam free and unchain your wildest sense of expression.

You'll definitely be thinking outside the box in the luminous and illusory room of mirrors, the rose-petal covered room with a massive "Love" sign and a cloud room.

There will also be an all-new "Upside-Down X-Mas Tree Room" that makes it seem like you are hanging upside down from the ceiling. This brand new seasonal experience will grace Atlanta next month, making it the perfect place to take some seriously jaw-dropping holiday photos for all to see. 

Additional props worth mentioning include a slide, a blue ball pit, life-sized stuffed animals, a colorful flower wall and a swing. If this doesn't bring out your inner child, we don't know what will. 

The exhibits are self-directed so you're free to explore and pose as you please, but there will be experts on sight to help you snap your ideal Insta-worthy shots. The museum will be in Atlanta from Nov. 17 to Jan. 7.

Tickets are available now for only $25 and it is recommended that you pre-book your spots because they are expected to sell out quickly. 

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TFTI Atlanta

Price: $25

When: Nov. 17-Jan. 7

Address: 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Why You Need To Go: Have an immersive experience in ten imaginative rooms that let you freely express your inner fun-lover while capturing some amazing photos.