You Can Experience This One Night Only Carnival-Themed Rave For Only $10 This December

Glowsticks are provided and encouraged.
Things To Do In Atlanta Include This Afro-Caribbean Rave In December That's Only $10

Glowsticks, costumes and hypnotic beats are the recipe for the greatest night raving. With clubs like Iris, Ravine and District continuously hosting the hottest raves in Atlanta, there's one rave coming to the city in December that has its own unique factor. This rave coming to Atlanta for one night is inspired by Afro-Caribbean beats. This is the perfect thing to do in Atlanta if you're looking to dance all night long.

Winter in Atlanta can be dreary (especially with the amount of rain we're slated to get), so Afro Soca Love is sure to brighten your December. What makes this 21 and up rave unique is that it infuses Afro-Caribbean music, so you'll be transported to a different island with each beat. 

If you have Caribbean or African roots, you're encouraged to bring out your flags. Even if you just want to experience the culture, there are no parameters set on who can and can't go, everyone is invited. 

While Carnival is traditionally a massive parade held outside, you'll be sheltered from the weather because this rave is completely indoors. That means you can dress like it's 90 degrees outside in your best Carnival gear and no one will judge. 

This rave is definitely playing into the surprise factor. While most festivals reveal the lineup far in advance of the festival, Afro Soca Love remains tight-lipped about which DJs and artists will be performing. You seriously just have to come out to see for yourself. 

Once you momentarily escape the dance floor, you'll get the chance to check out vendors that are selling Afro-Caribbean inspired goods. The Black power t-shirts, African textiles and thematic jewelry make the experience even more authentic.

The best part is if you act now, you can secure this experience for dirt cheap. Discounted early bird tickets are on sale now, so you and your S/O or BFF can dutty wine all night for only $10. Glowsticks will be provided!

After your epic night, save your costume for this Carnival-style block party hitting Atlanta in 2020.

Afro Soca Love 

Price: $10 (2-for-1 early bird tickets)

When: Dec. 13

Address: 50 Lower Alabama St., Atlanta, GA 30303

Why You Need To Go: This unique rave will have the city of Atlanta moving until the wee hours of the morning. 


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