When you think of boardwalks, the beach is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You might be surprised if one lead you into a forest of canopy trees and floral scenery. This 3.6-mile boardwalk in Atlanta will do just that, making you feel like you're far from the city.

The South Peachtree Creek Trail is not an actual trail, but it is a nice place to take a run or walk through. The boardwalk was built in 2017 and is in great condition which makes it easy to journey on. While you take your stroll, you won't help but notice the floral scenery all around you. You might actually forget you are in the busiest city in the state. 

The treetops will canopy over you to give you a shaded walk and make you feel like you are in the middle of a tropical forest, when you are actually just in the middle of Hotlanta. 

You will also hear the rushing creek below you running through the woodlands (hence the name South Peachtree Creek Trail) which makes for a calming summer day.

As you begin your walk, you'll come across a train tressel that will cross over some very active railroad tracks.

One thing you might notice as you venture deeper into the wood is a huge stone cylinder covered in graffiti.

It's always nice to actually be able to see the history of your city when you least expect it.

The structure is the ruins of the old Decatur Waterworks which was abandoned in the 1940s after falling into disrepair. Over the years, it has turned into a piece of art. 

There are many walls and stone stairs throughout the trail that are covered with graffiti that are interesting to look at during your trek. 

You will also come across an elevated part of the boardwalk that bridges over the creek. This is a great point in your journey to take a break and take in all the beauty around you. 

The trail runs through the back of some Dekalb neighborhoods, but you wouldn't notice because of the trees and flora around you. 

The end of the trail leads into Mason Mill Park, where there are a few tennis courts and playgrounds. You can even bring your pup along with you. The trail is easy to follow and you can turn around at any point to head back towards the trailhead. 

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? South Peachtree Creek Trail will help you unwind from a busy day, and take you on an adventure you will want to go on time and time again. 

South Peachtree Creek Trail 

Price: Free!

Address: S. Peachtree Creek Trail, Decatur, Georgia 30033

Why you should go: It is a large boardwalk in the middle of Atlanta that will make you forget that you are in the city. There are beautiful trees and a creek that you will see on your trek.