If you don't have a ton of extra cash in the bank, then it may seem like it's totally out of the question to plan a getaway, whether you want to plan a trip or just a staycation. However, you don't have to dole out hundreds of dollars just to stay someplace nice, which is certainly true when you opt for the super cheap Airstream Airbnb in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Tiki Airstream Oasis near Embry Hills is the perfect place to relax. First of all, this tiki-themed Airbnb is absolutely adorable. In fact, it's so cute that you may be surprised that it goes for only $65 per night. Considering the fact that it sleeps three makes this Airbnb an amazing deal.

When you first walk up to the property, you'll love that it's surrounded by palm trees and a stunning natural environment. Even though it's right in the city, it'll feel like an escape from the outside world.

There's even a spot outside where you can start a fire and grill or roast marshmallows—perfect for those winter nights when you want to enjoy the outdoors without freezing. There's also plenty of seating for your whole group.

Inside, you'll find that this Airstream has everything you need to get comfortable. There's a refrigerator, dishes and silverware, and breakfast is even provided. It also comes with heating and air conditioning, so you'll be as comfortable as you can be when you stay.

The location is great too. You'll be just two miles from Buford Highway, which offers some of the best restaurants and foreign cuisine in the area. Just take a quick Uber or Lyft ride, and you'll be there in no time.

You don't have to waste all of your hard-earned money on an expensive hotel room when you can experience low-key luxury in this vintage tiki Airstream.

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Atlanta Tiki Airstream Oasis

Price Per Night: $65

Address Or Neighbourhood: Embry Hills

Why You Need To Go: This tiki-themed Airstream Airbnb is cute, cozy, and comes with an incredible outdoor area.