After the holidays are over, you may feel like you need to take a bit of a break so you can regroup, and perhaps the best way to do that is to get a change of scenery. Just because you want to enjoy a getaway, though, doesn't mean you have unlimited amounts of money to make it happen. That's why you should consider looking into staying at an Airstream Airbnb in Atlanta.

Airbnbs let you have a more personalized stay in the area of the city you want to be in, and Airstreams are some of the more affordable options out there. Plus, these tiny getaways are often super trendy, making them some of the most desirable properties out there. Take the In-town Atlanta Airstream Airbnb, for example.

This 1957 vintage Airstream has been restored to be one of the cutest and coziest Airbnbs in the city. If you're into the whole glamping vibe, then it really has everything you need. It even has heating, so you can easily visit in the winter.

What you're going to love most about it, though, is the vintage vibe when you walk in the door. The decor is classy and understated but also really unique—you're definitely going to want to snap a few shots while you're staying there.

This property comes in at $60 a night. When you consider that it sleeps three people, that makes this spot super affordable. You'd be unlikely to find any hotel in the area that could offer you such an amazing price, let alone one that's as cute as this Airstream is.

Another great part about staying here? The property is located in Grant Park, which makes it easy to get around to all kinds of restaurants, bars, and other hot spots around town. Grant Park is definitely a neighborhood to explore if you haven't spent much time there yet.

Make your stay even more fun by finding affordable activities to do around the city while you're at your Airbnb. You can find amazing cheap date ideas and even completely free activities to do around town.

In-town Atlanta Airstream Airbnb

Price Per Night: $60

Address Or Neighbourhood: Grant Park

Why You Need To Go: This adorable renovated Airstream is affordable and located in one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Atlanta.