As kids, many of us would pass by pet adoptions on the weekends and beg our parents for a cute little pup or kitten. It is hard to resist their cute baby faces. As adults, we still walk past the furry animals and still would probably die for one of them. This one animal shelter's free adoption in Atlanta might be the chance for you to add a new member to your family. 

Gwinnett Animal Shelter in Lawrenceville, Georgia is offering a pretty sweet deal in honor of Adopt-A-Dog Month. All the adoption fees that come with adopting your furry friend will be waved on dogs and cats throughout the entire month of October. 

You might be thinking, "what's the catch?" We are here to tell you that the only catch is that you have to rep your favorite sports team. Its already football season and its post-season for baseball, so you are probably already wearing your favorite team most of the time anyway. 

Back in June when they did this same event, there were as many as 39 animals adopted one day. Hundreds of animals are brought into the shelter daily, so this is the perfect time to bite the bullet and add one to your family. 

Each animal at the Gwinnett Animal Shelter are up to date on vaccinations, they are neutered and they are microchipped just in case they decide to explore out of your yard one day. They are also tested for heartworms, and if they test positive, they will be treated before you take them home with you. Your new best friend will be good as new, all for free! 

Usually, it is $45 to adopt a dog and it is $30 to adopt a cat. You will be saving all of this when you adopt this month, and you can't get much better than that. 

If you are nervous about adopting or are not too sure how to take care of one of these adorable animals, the shelter will teach you all the tricks to the game and give you the tools to connect with your new babe. 

If you were looking for a sign to get a new pet, this is it, this is your sign. Grab your favorite team t-shirt and head down to the shelter before the month ends. 

All animal lovers in Georgia have probably been to Zoo Atlanta at least once, but it has upgraded the past few months. There is now a live panda cam where you can watch the pandas play anytime without even visiting. There is also actually an event coming up where you can view the animals at night with night vision goggles.

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