Outkast Shot "So, Fresh, So Clean" In This ATL Building & It's On Sale For $4.5 Million

So fresh & so clean, clean.
This Atlanta Hip Hop Landmark Is Now For Sale

Those who can remember back to 2000 and love Hip Hop probably remember Atlanta's OutKast's second album, Stankonia. Perhaps the most famous song from the album was "So Fresh, So Clean." Even if you aren't old enough to remember when the song came out, you've undoubtedly heard it at school dances and college house parties and have definitely seen the video at least once. Well now, the actual building where the video location for "So Fresh, So Clean" was filmed is for sale, so maybe you can own a piece of ATL history. 

With its super-cool industrial interior with high ceilings and exposed brick, it's clear why Big Boi and André 3000 chose the location as the perfect spot for many of the scenes in the opening of their video.

Times may have changed, but the building's look is still on trend, even though the video was produced almost 20 years ago. Many of the features that were present in the music video are still there. Who can forget those yellow industrial fans?

[rebelmouse-image 25958709 photo_credit="American Laundry Building | Stratus Property Group" expand=1 original_size="1810x1354"]

Apparently, they haven't gone anywhere, which makes this decades-old building even more of a local landmark. The current selling price for the 1930's American Laundry Building in Castleberry Hill is $4.5 million. You can swing that, right? 

The property is likely to be purchased by a company, an investor, or a hip hop junkie with big plans for the building, with a current 12,000-square-feet of heated and cooled space. It's located in a prime area of the city, as its walkable to public transportation and a variety of tourist attractions.

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There are a lot of possibilities for this 1930s throwback; however, anyone who buys the building will be prevented from making changes to the facade of the building, given its history.

While the price might be out of the price range of most millennials, it will certainly be interesting to see what this building transforms into in the future.

American Laundry Building

Price: $4.5 million

Address: 256 Walker Street, Atlanta, GA 30313

Description: 1930s industrial space where OutKast's 2000 music video "So Fresh, So Clean" was filmed.

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