In this heat, the thought of recreational biking sounds more like punishment than a leisurely activity. One Atlanta-based company is turning around all preconceived notions about biking this summer with their totally unique party bike, which holds 15-people. With a 15-person bike, you might be left wondering where would you go with that many people? It's called a party bike for a reason, and this party on wheels takes you bar-hopping through Midtown's hottest bars

The Southern Pedaler is the ultimate way to celebrate any special occasion. The company has hosted bachelorette parties, birthdays, and special events, but it's a brand new way to celebrate just for a weekend on the town.

The 10 pedaling and 5 non-pedaling seats means that you won't be working up an extreme sweat and can break at any time. There's also an electric assist on this funky looking bike, so the hills of Georgia are no match for your group. A tour operator will accompany you along your journey in case your sense of direction isn't as strong once the drinks start kicking in.

Even with the bar hopper option, you can opt to bring your own beer, wine and malt beverages (save the hard liquor for the bars). Coolers are welcome, and everyone on board has to be 21 and up.

You'll pedal a total of 3.5 miles during the crawl, so make sure you save just a little energy to hit the dance floor at one of the participating bars: 

The LED lights and Bluetooth speaker on board really set the mood, so it's a party whether you're pedaling or sippin' inside the bar. 

There are a few other pedaling options you can choose from if the bar crawl doesn't tickle your fancy. The Atlanta Historical Tour is ideal for any history buffs, while the Friday Happy Hour and Boozie Pedaler Brunch keep in line with the party theme.

Depending on which day you book, you can secure a private tour for as little as $25 a person when you book with 15 people. The price jumps ever so slightly to $28 a person for weekend bookings.

This forward-thinking business is the product of two Georgia Tech grads, so know that you're supporting brilliant local talent whenever you come out. 

The party keeps going rain or shine and at multiple times of the day, so it's always a good time to come pedal the ATL.

Southern Pedaler

Price: $25 per person

Address: Midtown Atlanta

Why you need to go: This one-of-a-kind spin on biking will make you want to break a little sweat.