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This Atlanta Vegan Restaurant Is So Good That People Are Waiting In Line For 4 Hours

This craze might just turn the whole city vegan.
This Atlanta Vegan Restaurant Is So Good That People Are Waiting In Line For 4 Hours

If someone were to ask you if you'd stand four hours in line to wait for some food, you'd immediately say no. But once you hear the hype surrounding Slutty Vegan, you'll become the person you'd never thought you'd become, just to get a taste of the craze sweeping the city. 

Even though Slutty Vegan officially opened in January, you'll still find lines wrapped around the building.

In the West End of Atlanta, vegan and vegetarian options were hardly an appealing option or even an option at that. The historically black neighborhood lacked variety in the type of fast food that was available. 

Pinky Cole created Slutty Vegan and changed every single negative notion about plant-based eating. Non-vegans are joining in on the excitement. It's just that good. 

If you make it through the line, you'll have the option to pick vegan burgers, sausage, po'boys, and even a Philly. Prices range from $8-$19, and each sandwich comes with a side of fries. 

Local celebrities have flocked to the restaurant, endorsing the quality of the meal. Jermaine Dupri, Porsha Williams, Big Boi, Lil Baby, and Da Brat have all stopped by and bragged on the food. 

Even celebrities passing through, just stopping in Atlanta to work have been spotted at Slutty Vegan. Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, and Rose Byrne have all officially been #sluttified. 

The restaurant first started out as a food truck, and the "slut mobile" is still running. Outside of the restaurant, the slut mobile visits various locations inside and outside of the perimeter. They sell out constantly and limit the number of burgers you can order, so it's a must that you arrive early.

Whether you're checking out the food truck or the restaurant, bring a chair, something to work on, a book, or even just a few friends to keep you entertained while you wait. The end is worth the means. 

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