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You Can Try To Escape From Hopper & Eleven's Cabin In The Middle Of These Georgia Woods

Stranger Things might be one of the best things that Netflix has ever created and we know that you binged season three in a day. The coolest part about this show is that each of the seasons is filmed around our great state of Georgia. One of these eerie places is where Hopper and Eleven spent most of their time: Hopper's cabin in the woods. Escape Woods is the escape room near Atlanta that has turned this Stranger Things cabin into a game. You have to check it out. 

You might know Escape Woods from the popular serial killer clown escape game that is located there. This is a very intense level and is only for the brave. This cabin as well as Hopper's sit on Sleepy Hollow Farms, right outside of Atlanta. 

Whether you are a super-fan, a lover of escape games, or just want to go for the experience, this is a great spot to fill all those needs. There are actually many spots that were filmed in Georgia that you can visit. 

The Stranger Things room is more suited for those that are not into the scary killer clown theme. Also, you will literally be standing where Millie Bobby Brown has stood. That means we are practically friends, right?

So much time has been spent in this cabin by the boys, Hopper and Eleven so you should already know all about this location even before you get there. You will have an hour to escape the cabin, but you should get out in record time if you are a true fan. 

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To set the scene, you will be given a task to find a specific item hidden in the house. To find this item, you will have to work together to unlock doors, figure out difficult clues and get out in time. 

If you are not too big of a fan of the Demogorgon nor the Upside Down, you won't have to fight them off to escape from the cabin. They are going to leave that up to the experts. 

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To actually be in the same house as all these incredible characters is a big deal, but to have to put yourself in their shoes for an hour is an even bigger one. If you think you and your friends can escape with time to spare, you must test it out.  

In even better news, the whole cast will be in Atlanta in December for the very first Stranger Con and you will actually be able to meet all of them. 

Escape Woods 

Price: $33 per person

Address: 628 Sleepy Hollow Rd. B, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Why You Need To Go: Escape Woods has turned Hopper's actual cabin into an escape room. You can try to figure out clues and unlock doors to succeed in this game. 

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