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The South Has Its Own Niagra Falls & It's Only Two Hours Outside Of Atlanta

Did we mention it was only a $6 admission fee?
This Fun Attraction Near Atlanta Is The Perfect 2-Hour Roadtrip Destination Outside Of The City

Getting away from your city for the weekend, especially if you live in Atlanta, is probably the most ideal situation. Stepping away from work, responsibilities and the traffic sounds heavenly to us. Our neighbor next door is actually closer to Georgia than you would think. It has many different and fun attractions near Atlanta you should definitely check out. 

Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama is only 1-hour and 55-minutes away from Atlanta. You usually sit in traffic coming home from work for that long, so this roadtrip should be a breeze for those that live or work in Atlanta. 

There are so many sites to see at this location including the actual falls. It is referred to as "Alabama's Niagara Falls." The falls are not the only thing to see here; there are many attractions you will not want to miss while visiting. 

Noccalula Falls is the main attraction here and it's a 90-foot natural waterfall. It crashes into the Black Creek gorge and you can actually walk down to stand behind the falls. Some people even stick their feet in the pool that is below. 

There is a bridge that hangs over Black Creek so you can get a 360-degree view of the waterfall. The falls are fueled by rain since it is natural, so it's best to visit right after a huge rainfall to see Noccalula in action. 

Aside from the waterfall, there are 2.5 miles of trails throughout the park that follow Black Creek. All the trails eventually connect with each other, so you can hike as much or as little as you want. 

The best way to see all the park has to offer is to hop on the train. This train ride will take you through a scenic one-mile ride throughout the park. One of the stops where you might want to get off is at the petting zoo. It has goats, sheep, a lynx, foxes and birds that you can learn about and interact with. 

You could seriously spend all day at this spot and lucky for us, there are RV and camping sites that are available if you don't want to drive back home. 

Our neighboring state has many unique spots including this sinkhole that is filled with secret waterfalls and is a natural wonder. 

Noccalula Falls Park 

Price: $6

Address: 1500 Noccalula Road, Gadsden, Al, 35904

Why You Need To Go: This park in Alabama has a miniature Niagara Falls and has so many things to do you can easily spend your whole day there. 

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