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This Popular Estate In Georgia Is A Perfect Destination For A Creepy Paranormal Scare (Video)

People claim to have seen the ghost of a woman hanged from a tree.
This Haunted Estate In Georgia Will Give You Crazy Chills

There is something so charming about old antebellum homes in Georgia. Their quaint and historic beauty remind us of the sweet old south, but when the homes are swarming with spirits and the supernatural, they suddenly aren't so sweet anymore. But that's ok because it's Halloween season and it's time to get spooked at Georgia's many supernatural hot spots, including this haunted Atlanta estate with ghosts roaming the halls.

The Estate, originally known as the Pope-Walton Home is now an event venue hidden on Piedmont Road in Atlanta. The home was built in 1797 in Washington, Georgia leaving it plenty of time to manifest spirits of past dwellers. In the 1960s, the establishment was taken apart, brick-by-brick, and reassembled in Buckhead where is stands today.

Before it was an event venue and after it was a private residence, it was home to Anthony's Fine Dining. Enough employees and visitors have reported seeing silhouttes on the staircases, hearing strange sounds and voices coming from the cellar and experiencing flickering lights, that it's difficult to argue that there aren't spirits who still call The Estate their home. Perhaps the paranormal are angry that the original home was taken from them and relocated.

There have been reports of otherworldly mayhem including sights of a full-body apparition near the staircase, the sound of children playing and laughing and inexplicable cold sensations. Some say they have seen the ghost of a woman hanging herself from a tree in the front yard. 

Ghost Hounds paranormal hunters set up shop in the estate to detect supernatural activity and their results are more than chilling (literally). Their temperature device recorded an area as 66 degrees and within moments, the temperature jumped all the way up to 77 degrees. This indicates that a spirit may have been face-to-face with you for a minute. Their EVP devices also recorded voices saying things like "Turn it off."

The Estate is a great spot for brunches, showers, corporate gatherings and even weddings, but it also has an antique shop so you can visit at your leisure (that is, if you're in the mood to encounter otherworldy beings).

Take the elevator up to explore the creaky, narrow halls filled with many rooms and we can almost guarantee you will feel a presence.

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The Estate

Price: Free!

Address: 3109 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Why You Need To Go: To get a literal feel for the rich history of this haunted antebellum home that is full of paranormal activity

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