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This Hidden Cheesesteak Joint In Atlanta Will Make You Feel Like You’re Actually In Philly

It’s ranked top 10 in the WORLD and it’s expanding!
This Hidden Cheesesteak Joint In Atlanta Will Make You Feel Like You’re Actually In Philly

If you haven't already, you HAVE to try the cheesesteaks at Big Dave's. This hidden cheesesteak joint in Atlanta may be hard to miss, because it is currently attached to a Shell gas station! It's a hole in the wall, meaning you can assume it's some of the best food you'll ever eat; and you would be right. Its popularity can be credited to it's authentic Philadelphia flavor and quality ingredients, which are hard to find outside of the city itself.

Big Dave's is currently located off Winters Chapel Road and has been in business since 2015. The bustling counter inside the gas station is pretty tightly-packed, but it instantly gives off the big city vibes you'd find in Philly or NYC. Seating is limited to a few bar stools, less than 10 small tables and an outdoor picnic table, so most people take it on-the-go.

Unfortunately, reservations are not available, but the lengthy lines are entirely worth the wait. Luckily, wait times will soon be reduced because the owner announced the restaurant's relocation to two new, larger spots in Atlanta and Doraville.

The cheesesteaks are MASSIVE and made with grass-fed, grass-finished Hunter Cattle Beef. Is your mouth watering yet? The perfect concoction of perfectly tender shaved beef, melty cheese and grilled onions on a warm, soft hoagie is everything your mouth could ever dream of. Take note that Big Dave's has been ranked Top 10 for Best Cheesesteaks in Atlanta, in The U.S. and in the entire WORLD. And CEO Derrick Hayes was born and raised in West Philadelphia, so he clearly knows what's up. He has served several basketball players, rappers and other celebs including Hip-hop star, Eve. It's that good.

You can get your hands on these insanely good sandwiches for $8.99. A steal, fr. Dave's offers unique and creative varieties outside the bun (or the hoagie) including Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls for only $2.99. They are as amazing as they sound. For the same price as the sandwich, you can get a massive portion of fries loaded up with all things Philly Cheesesteak. They also offer chicken cheesesteaks and veggie phillies for all the veg-heads out there. Additionally, you can grab some wings and something called water ice - just a cooler term for sorbet. Pun intended.

Allegedly, the new locations will open this summer! As of now, there are no specific dates released. The two new locations will be in the Healey Building at 57 Forsyth Street NW, and in the Peachtree Pavillion shopping center in Doraville. The new spots will have lots of new and exciting things to offer including new menu items, a beer and wine program, and a private room for celebs and events! The kitchen will have three flattop grills vs. the one they have now, so wait times should be much more tolerable.

Big Dave's Cheesesteaks

Address: 5020 Winters Chapel Rd, Atlanta, GA 30360

Why you need to go: Because your tastebuds will thank you - who wouldn't want to try one of the best cheesesteaks in the world?! You will truly experience an unforgettable taste of Philly.


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