This Futuristic Hotel Coming To Atlanta in 2022 Is Straight Out The Year 3019

Say hello to your robo butler!
This Futuristic Hotel Coming To Atlanta in 2022 Is Straight Out The Year 3019

Robots might be taking over sooner than you think. Until that day happens, we're fascinated with all the innovative ways robots are being incorporated into society. One of those innovative inventions is this new hotel coming to Atlanta that is bringing some super high-tech amenities with it, including potential robot butlers

Not only is Yotel super chic, but it also features impressive technological advances from the front desk to the bedrooms. Upon arrival, guests can check in and out automatically at the front desk without the help of a human.

Say goodbye to the days of rock-hard hotel beds, because these gel memory foam mattresses feel like clouds. Even better, there are automated smart beds that you can adjust to your liking inside certain rooms.

If the robot technology is anything like the adorable additions of Yotel New York City, Boston, Singapore, and Miami, Yotel Atlanta will be jam-packed. Various Yotels across the country have robot employees that are honestly ten times cuter than any human can be. 

Yobot, the iconic robot of NYC, takes the weight off your shoulders and stores your luggage for you. The tiny robot butlers of Singapore, Boston, and Miami deliver whatever you need to your room, and are even known to bust out some dance moves (that have been deemed more of a shimmy). Fingers crossed for both bots to join the Atlanta team. 

Outside of the technology, you'll get the craziest views of the skyline from the rooftop patio, whether you're in the lounge or in the pool. The hotel will be located right off Peachtree Street as part of the revamping of the Underground, so you know the views will be well worth every penny. 

Affordability is at the heart of these hotels. Rooms are sized to be cozy (unless you score a VIP suite), keeping the cost down. A cabin in any other major city starts at $149, so a similar pricepoint can be expected of Atlanta. 

The 351-room hotel begins construction in 2020, and will officially open its doors in 2022. 


Price: Estimated to start at $149/night

Location: Underground Atlanta off Peachtree Street

Why you need to go: This innovative high tech hotel will make you feel like you're on a chic spaceship. 

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