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There Are Over 3,000 Types Of Flowers At This Lush Garden In Georgia

Turn your phone off and enjoy the flowers.

There are many times when we want to unplug from reality and just get away from it all. Right in Kennesaw, Georgia you can do just that at the gardens located there. You will be emersed in a world of daffodils, daylilies, roses and irises. At these gardens, you will feel like you entered into a world from Alice in Wonderland

Smith-Gilbert Gardens is a place you can see so many beautiful features, as well as get away from it all. It is a great place to unwind while seeing flowers, butterflies and different gardens. Everyone in your group will find something here that they love and enjoy. 

These gardens sit on 16-acres of land and there are over 3,000 species here. You will explore 13 sections of this property that each have something different to offer. From the Butterfly House to the Japanese Maple Grove, you will be able to spend a good chunk of your day at this location.

A highlight of this garden is the Bonsai Garden. These types of gardens are meant to be relaxing and give you a sense of tranquility. What is so special about this area is that it is the only one in the entire state displayed publicly. 

Besides the Bonsai Garden, there are the Perennial, Conifer, Rose and Paladino Camilla gardens. If you have a large group, a minimum of 10 people, you can book a guided tour so you can learn all about this destination in depth. 

Another garden that you can visit is Gibbs Gardens that is located in the North Georgia mountains. These are great end of summer road trips to take with your besties and you can stop and smell the roses, literally.

To really enjoy every part of the gardens, you will spend up to two hours here. It is a great place to get away from school or work and the business of life. The gardens are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are only $10 to visit! 

Smith-Gilbert Gardens

Price: $10

Address: 2382 Pine Mountain Rd, Kennesaw, GA 30152

Why you should go: There are tons of beautiful flowers and relaxing exhibits at this destination. You will be unplugged from the city and feel a sense of calming at these gardens.