This Arcade Bar In Atlanta Has Boozy Margarita Gummies & N64 For Ultimate Nostalgic Feels

Drunken Mario Kart? We think yes.
This Nostalgic '90s Brewery In Atlanta Has Nintendo Mario Kart & Boozy Margarita Gummies

The older we get, the more we wish we could go back to the days of body glitter and butterfly clips. Although some of the trends from the '90s and 2000s are definitely resurfacing, it's just not the same as the good old days. We want to relive our glorious childhood in every way possible and there are some pretty cool places in Atlanta that let you be a kid again, like this Atlanta brewery and bar with Mario Kart and '90s treats. The only difference is that now we can drink alcohol along with it!

Torched Hop on Ponce is a massive tap room and restaurant that is literally an adult playground. The massive adult funland was featured on Food Network; that alone tells you it's worth going. Their 16 beers brewed in house along with 40 local beers aren't the only cool things about the spot. What really makes this place irresistable are the games and treats that bring out your inner child.

Get lost in a nostalgic land of boozy fun with bocce ball, shuffleboard, Giant Jenga and *drum roll please* a Nintendo 64 setup with Mario Kart, Mario Party and tons of other fun games that used to glue you to your giant boxy TV sets. 

You can get lost in all the nostalgia fun while snacking on some gummy bears soaked in margaritas. Now that's how you turn your childhood memories into a damn good time.

Remember waking up on Saturday mornings to pour yourself a bowl of Trix or Lucky Charms? Torched Hop mixes all your favorite childhood cereals into a Rice Krispie-style treat called "Unicorn Puke." Yum.

You're an adult now so you can have dessert, first! But if you come hungry for a hearty meal, look no further than their uniquely creative menu featuring tempura avocado, smoked tofu B.L.T. and much more.

The super bright murals make for super cute Insta shots, too! Rally up the squad this weekend and go in on some nostalgic games and treats. If you want to continue to keep your childhood alive, check out this retro game bar with actual arcade games and tons of booze or this adorable retro-themed hotel!

Torched Hop

Price: $15-$40

Address: 249 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Why You Need To Go: To experience your childhood dreams with nostalgic games, treats and plenty of booze at this adult playground of a bar.

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