When people think of American foods, pizza is likely one of the first things to come to mind. Anyone in their right mind is a fan of the cheesy, saucy, carbalicious combination - and it never gets old. There are countless pizza joints in the U.S. and tons of amazing ones here in Atlanta. But there’s one really big one (hint hint) that is set apart from the rest, so definitely save your appetite before you head over to Wild Slice Pizzeria in Atlanta to eat a 5-pound slice of pizza.

Wild Slice Pizzeria opened in February 2018 and is located on Crossville Road in Roswell. It is an individually-owned family pizzeria but definitely not your average mom-and-pop shop. Their unique menu items are out-of-the-ordinary but oh so yum. The aim in creating this pizzeria was to create a family-friendly environment (every menu item is available in a kid's portion for half the price) with exceptional hospitality and a unique menu with top-notch quality. 

Aptly named, their Wild Slice is a MASSIVE slice of pizza, weighing in at a whopping five pounds. According to Mike Thomas, owner of Wild Slice Pizzeria, they use the same amount of ingredients as they use to make two large pizzas. It’s enough to feed a family for sure and you’ll probably have leftovers too. The Wild Slice is $28, which isn't bad considering that's only about $5 per pound.

Mike also told Narcity that they make their dough and sauce in-house using a special recipe with fresh ingredients. 

Other eclectic menu items include garlic knot sandwiches. They use their original garlic knots recipe to make a giant version to use as buns for chicken parmesan sandwiches and even burgers. The bun is super fresh, buttery and loaded with tons of garlic to add that extra kick to your sammy.

Mike let Narcity in on some secret menu items including an indian-style pizza topped with butter chicken on one half and paneer on the other half (yeah, we want to teleport here too).

There's also a secret item that has become popular among guests, but you have to call ahead to order it. Drum roll please: potato bacon pizza *drools*.

Other unique pies you'll find on the menu are the veggie pesto pizza and "Srirachayaki Chicken" pizza. Are you into massive portions of pizza like the rest of us? Check out the biggest pizza in the state of Georgia. Dig in!

Wild Slice Pizzeria

Price: $3-$30

Address: 580 E W Crossville Rd #420, Roswell, GA 30075

Why you should go: To indulge in one of your favorite foods on a massive scale, and dig into some never-before-seen pizzas made from scratch.