Atlanta is quickly becoming a hub for all things creative, and there's a new exhibit in town that's adding to the artistic vibes. If you love a good pop-up that's a little off the wall, clear your schedule this weekend. This exclusive pop-up balloon exhibit in Atlanta is only here for a few days, but it's too adorable to pass up. 

If you've never witnessed how balloons can transform into major art pieces, make your way down to the Balloon Room, a product of Big Ass Balloons. 

This is the first time Balloon Room has made it's way down to the A, so the city has never seen anything quite like this before. For a mere three days, you can witness some ridiculous art that is made solely from balloons. 

Big Ass Balloons have been rather hush on what the theme is, but they've hinted at a music theme being a possibility. To help in terms of outfit choices, they've said, "think Hip-Hop, 70's, Rock, and Pop." 

Outside of the serious amount of photo ops you'll get, you can head to the bar for a little snack or spice your night up and indulge in the boozy beverages. 

You can even begin or end your day at the food truck outside. It's a mix of a social gathering, art exhibit, and photoshoot galore. 

Each ticket allows for three hours of exploration, so there's plenty of time to squeeze in a few outfit changes between photos.

You can make an entire adventure out of your weekend by staying in this luxury Airbnb or treehouse after your visit. 

The Balloon Room 

Price: $25+

When: Jan. 10-12

Address: 5616 New Peachtree Rd., Chamblee, GA

Why You Need To Go: You'll be amazed by the sheer creativity of this balloon exhibit, which will totally feel like a party.