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You Will Get Crazy Skyline Views & Beautiful Desserts At This Rooftop Bar In Atlanta

When you find a restaurant and find out that they have a rooftop, it instantly makes it so much better. Having a drink with your friends while seeing the skyline of your city is one of the best get together spots. This trendy rooftop bar in Atlanta will give you the best views while serving up some incredible culinary masterpieces. 

Estrella restaurant is super cute to start off with. You will get all the vibes of 1950s Miami and present-day Yucatán, Mexico. The artwork and aesthetic of this place will transport you to another time of absolute colorful, vintage vibes. 

The menu includes Mexican-inspired dishes and drinks, and of course, desserts. The unique menu will have you wanting to order everything in one visit. 

Estrella is located on the Beltline's East Side Trail which is a prime spot if you are familiar with the city. The Latin vibes will engulf you and give you a unique experience in a way only Atlanta rooftop bars can. 

The menu is massive and everything on it is worth a try. The items are small dishes meant to share, so you can try more than just one dish, which you will for sure want to do. 

All of the ingredients are locally sourced from Georgia and some are sourced straight from Mexico. As for drinks, you have come to the right place. There is a gin cart that you can choose cocktails from and they will make them tableside for you. Pretty incredible, right?

The desserts are even more incredible, to be honest. Their most popular item is the Tres Leches Twinkie. Yes, Twinkie. It is an almond cake, filled with milk and cream and is topped with whipped cream. 

For your next night out with friends, Estrella should be in the line-up. Between the food and the skyline views, you cannot get much better than this place. If you are still hungry after your night out, you can get incredible tacos from this new restaurant that stays open until 3:00 a.m.


Price: 💸💸

Address: 550 Somerset Terrace NE., Suite 102, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Why You Need To Go: You will get amazing food at this '50s Miami inspired rooftop restaurant while getting incredible views of the city.  

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