This All-Natural Atlanta Nail Salon Offers CBD Gummies And Oils With Your Mani/Pedis

Next level relaxation.
This All-Natural Atlanta Nail Salon Offers CBD Gummies And Oils With Your Mani/Pedis

Ladies (and gents), we all deserve to treat ourselves with a mani/pedi every now and then, but let's be honest: the tubs and tools at some salons can harbor bacteria, and breathing in acryllic powders can affect your health. Lark and Sparrow kept this in mind when creating their business model. This all-natural Atlanta nail salon offers CBD services along with safe, all-natural products and tools. Not only can you relax knowing you probs won't get a fungus, you can double that relaxation with CBD gummies and CBD-infused oils that can be added on to any mani/pedi service.

Lark and Sparrow is owned by Linda Sharp and Jody Hill who opened Lark and Sparrow and sister location, Petite Sparrow, in Atlanta in 2014. "The inspiration behind [Lark and Sparrow] is the need for safety for both customers and workers...we don't use anything that creates dust and we don't use acryllic or anything like that," says Samantha Walker, Front Desk Manager at Lark and Sparrow.

Samantha also told Narcity that they try to make all their products themselves to ensure they are using the safest all-natural ingredients - efforts you won't find at many nail salons. The creation of this one-of-a-kind natural nail experience is the perfect hybrid of creativity, cleanliness and relaxation.

Lark and Sparrow has revolutionized the nail game with their clean and creative processes. Instead of bacteria-ridden jacuzzis, they use stainless steel bowls for your foot bath that are cleaned after each client. They clean each and every tool after each client, too.

The salon's not-so-averge aesthetic is constantly emitting essential oils into the air to set a chill and detoxifying ambience as soon as you walk in. They offer services like basic, nurturing and healing pedicures as well as over 10 manicure services. They only use all-natural and organic ingredients in their creams, lotions and oils.

CBD services can be added on to any service for only $12. You will get to sample CBD edibles and get a massage with CBD oil for a super chill experience. This may be your new go-to spot after a stressful day on the job (or any day, really). Speaking of chill, CBD is coming to Georgia in these CBD-infused supplements.

You can also add a 10-minute massage to any service for only $12 or a 30-minute hand, foot and leg massage for $30. They also offer waxing and creative, detailed nail art that involves gold leaf and metal accents. 

Lark and Sparrow Nail Salon

Price: $5-$60

Address: 760 United Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why you should go: To experience relaxing vibes and chill out with CBD snacks and oils while getting your nails and body pampered with clean, safe and natural products.


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