Tiny houses have been on the rise and it seems like everyone is obsessed with them. There is something about living minimalistic and living in these cute tiny buildings that draws people to them. Most of them are hidden, and with if you find the right onw, you are able to rent them out. This tiny house in Atlanta should be your next roadtrip destination. 

The tiny house, Big Living, in Cabbagetown, was featured on HGTV. It is only 300 square feet with a kitchenette, two lofted beds and a small living room. There is a fenced-in yard and, the best part really, you are only 10 minutes from Atlanta's Beltline.

These tiny houses usually come with a tiny price, including this one. You and your best pals can rent this cute place for under $90 a night. 

Big Living in Cabbagetown can sleep up to four guests, which is pretty crazy for only being 300 square feet. This spot makes for a great trip for you and your closest friends. One of the lofts has a queen sized bed (like WHAT?!) and the second loft has a full double bed. 

As for a kitchen, because we all know that is important, there is a tiny kitchenette. There is a cooktop, a coffee maker (MOST important), a microwave, rice cooker and dishes. 

The living area has a TV with an Amazon Firestick so you can watch all the Netflix and scary movies you want. 

You are right down the road from Atlanta's Beltline which has so many bars and restaurants you must go check out. There is even a taproom where you can actaully pour your own beer.

Big Living in Cabbagetown 

Price per night: $89

Address: Cabbagetown in Atlanta 

Why You Need To Go: It was featured on HGTV's Tiny House show. It's a cozy spot that is perfect for a weekend getaway.