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You Can Experience The Walking Dead In Real Life At This Atlanta Zombie Escape Room

The zombie gets closer every five minutes.
You Can Experience The Walking Dead In Real Life At This Atlanta Zombie Escape Room

With September right around the corner, our minds are starting to wander to the fall fantasies that are soon approaching. Even though the weather in Atlanta may still be hot for quite some, it's never too early to get in the mood for fall (AKA Halloween season). Spooky and scary things are among us and now is the perfect time to check out this Atlanta escape room that traps you in a room with a zombie.

Room Escape, with just one location on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, provides unique experiences that you won't find at other escape rooms in ATL. They mix the concept of an escape room with a haunted house, meaning every experience includes interactions with an actor to create an emulation of scenes from productions like Saw and The Walking DeadThe immersive alternate realities give you the illusion that you're on a team-centric reality show like Survivor or The Amazing Race

Perhaps the most chilling adventures at Room Escape are the two zombie escape rooms. The original "Trapped In A Room With A Zombie" (featured on the The Big Bang Theory) has recently met its sequel, aptly named "Trapped In A Room With A Zombie II" (straight to the point here).

Both of The Walking Dead-esque rooms trap you with a zombie who is chained to the wall. The chain is gradually released every five minutes at the sound of a buzzer, letting the zombie crawl closer and closer to your team. You'll be challenged with a series of clues to solve riddles and unlock spaces that will help you conquer your greatest feat in just one hour.

Once 60 minutes hits, the zombie will be close enough to eat you alive (hypothetically, of course). If you're ready for the adrenaline-enhancing pressure of a lifetime, then you and your friends have to book one (or both) of these zombie experiences. Each experience allows up to 10 participants (four minimum) and costs only $28 per person, which is much cheaper than many of its counterparts.

Other Room Escape experiences currently available include: The Lost Sense (the newest release) that puts you through a scary blindfolded adventure based on Netflix Original Birdbox; The Rescue, a Saw-like experience that traps you and your fellow special agents in a room where you are challenged to save four hostages across the U.S. in order to save yourself; Paranormal, a Paranormal Activity-inspired room challenges your team to discover what awakened an un-friendly ghost in your presence; and the more light-hearted Escape The 80s that traps you in an '80s house party that you must escape, or else you will be stuck in the decade forever. There is another '80s-themed escape room in Atlanta that will make you feel like you are in a horror film.

Room Escape's success has led them to be featured on Married at First Sight, Little Women Atlanta (where the cast participated in one of the experiences) and The Big Bang Theory.

Scarily enough, they can also bring a spooky escape experience to you. They have done events at Georgia State University and will travel to other Georgia cities besides Atlanta. You can book for group or corporate events on their website. Speaking of GSU, check out these eight easy courses that will boost your GPA.

Room Escape

Price: $28

Address: 314 Auburn Ave. NE., Atlanta, GA 30303

Why You Need To Go: To get into the Halloween spirit and experience the thrill of a lifetime with friends while trying to escape a zombie hungry for your flesh.

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