From boozy safaris to a brand new African Savanna habitat, Zoo Atlanta is constantly adding exciting new adventures to the mix at their amazing wonderland of exotic animals. With their recent addition of a newborn gorilla and an African elephant, the list keeps growing with (literal) bigger and better fun. This Zoo Atlanta series lets you explore the zoo after hours to witness animals at dusk with thermal and night vision googles.

The Twilight Trek, which began in fall 2018, has four upcoming events this October and November. Here is your chance to browse the zoo, enjoy the sunset, and study animal behavior at nightfall. Each season offers something different, but this fall you have the opportunity to "ooh" and "ahh" at The Wild Bones Twilight Trek.

This fascinating tour is perfect for Halloween season because Wild Bones Trek offers a guided evening tour through the entire zoo with thermal goggles. From 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., you'll get to see heat maps of all the animals to scope out what's really going on. "Visitors get to walk around the whole zoo with an educated guide. You'll be wearing thermal goggles to detect heat in the animals and we offer night vision goggles, too," says Cara Sharenko, Manager of Education Operations at Zoo Atlanta.

Get excited because you'll also get to see Nutella, the two-toed sloth (a new addition to the Zoo) and see one of the zoo's most recent additions of a tiny baby gorilla.

You'll also get to wear night goggles to enhance your vision in the dark while checking out all the night owls and possibly seeing them snooze. You'll even get to explore the new African Savanna Habitat on your trek to check out the elephants and giraffes.

Bring out your wild side for cheap because the events are only $15 per person (or $12 if you are a member)! You can even book these tours for private and corporate events if you want to bring your friends and fam. The more the merrier because the maximum capacity is 60 visitors.

Don't miss out on this super rare event and make sure to book now because there are only four dates left for the Wild Bones tour this year. 

Wild Bones Twilight Trek At Zoo Atlanta

Price: $12-15

When: October-November

Address: 800 Cherokee Ave. S.E.

Why You Need To Go: Experience an exclusive exotic animal tour in the dark while wearing cool night vision and thermal goggles that let you explore their anatomy.

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