There are not too many things that are better than fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies and brownies. It is even better when you have the two combined to make a "brokie." Tiff's Treats did just that with their special flavor of the week

Tiff's Treats has locations in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Nashville. In Atlanta, you can find this sweet shop in Midtown, Buckhead, Decatur, Cumberland, Perimeter, Peachtree Corners and Alpharetta. So wherever you are located in the city, you are sure to be close to one or more of these locations.

All of Tiff's treats (no pun intended) are made fresh to order. They are also made from high-quality ingredients to make sure your cookie or brownie tastes spectacular. 

You can choose from 10 different cookie flavors like White Chocolate Chip & Almond, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip Pecan. If you want these delivered, you have to order by the dozen, which is only $16! You will choose up to two types of cookies for each dozen you order. This gives you the perfect excuse to order 12 cookies for yourself. 

If you are a chocolate lover, you must try some of their brownies. Their brownies are hot and very fudgy when you order them and they will melt in your mouth. Each one is $3 and you can add them onto your cookie order when opting for delivery. 

Their famous deal, the flavor of the week, is actually a delicious brownie-cookie hybrid. You can now order the Tiff's Treats Naughty Brownies and once you read what is in them, you are going to want to order a ton. 

In these Naughty Brownies, you will get a three-layer treat. Starting from the bottom, there is a soft-baked chocolate chip cookie, then a layer of Oreo, and then on top, the brownie. How many are you going to order before this deal runs out?

Before you indulge in some serious sweets, you can grab dinner at this new restaurant on Atlanta's Beltline. The food is so authentic it will send you right to the streets of Asia. To make it even better, everything is $8 and under.

You need to get your hands on this treat before next Tuesday, July 30. You can either go to the store and get a few, or you can order a cookie delivery and add it on to your order. 

Tiff's Treats Flavor of the Week 

Price: $3

Locations: Midtown, Buckhead, Decatur, Cumberland, Perimeter, Peachtree Corners and Alpharetta.

Why you should go: This location already has fresh-baked cookies and brownies that are worth trying out. Every week they have a "flavor of the week" and this week is their Naughty Brownie.