Walking around Georgia's capital, visitors might notice (if they pay close attention) little doors scattered throughout the city. These doors have been on many must-see lists for the city and are kind of a staple of Atlanta. This fall, these tiny doors in Atlanta are getting an exclusive gallery, and art-lovers everywhere will actually get a chance to purchase a door of their own. 

Atlanta artist Karen Anderson Singer, creator of this whimsical city-wide project, is opening up the Tiny Doors ATL art studio in Atlantic Station just after the city’s shelter-in-place order is scheduled to end. The studio will be 1,541 square feet and free to the public. 

There are about 24 doors around the city, each around seven-inches-tall. This innovative project launched in 2014 and is still going strong after six years of installation.

"They are designed to reflect the spirit, architecture, and other unique elements of the surrounding community," according to the Tiny Door ATL website. 

This new gallery's goal is to provide a free, informative and immersive experience to all ages. Visitors will see how their favorite doors were created and even get a second chance at viewing (and potentially purchasing) retired doors.  

Singer plans on inviting a variety of artists to the gallery for educational art talks and discussion boards.

Singer and the Tiny Door ATL crew also plan on participating in Atlantic Station public events, according to What Now Atlanta. Specific events have yet to be released. 

While everyone is waiting for the gallery to open up, they can take a day to scavenger hunt all the doors that are scattered throughout the city. 

The colorful doors can be found by the International Peace Fountain at Woodruff Park, all along the Beltline, near the Fox Theatre, close to the whale shark sculpture at the Georgia Aquarium and even at Centennial Olympic Park.

There's not a specific opening day yet, but the Tiny Doors social media will be keeping the public updated on the opening date, new tiny doors installed around the city and anticipated gallery events.