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The #1 Rated Escape Room In Atlanta Is Like Being In An 80's Horror Film

Not many people can make it out in 60 minutes...
The #1 Rated Escape Room In Atlanta Is Like Being In An 80's Horror Film

The trend of escape rooms has been on the rise in the past year and they are nothing short of a great time. It is great for a group of friends to put their minds (and their friendship) to the test to try to get out of this enclosed room you are stuck in. With all the ones that are popping up all over the state, it is hard to find the absolute best one to do. Escape The Room Atlanta has been named the #1 escape game in the city and you have to check it out for yourself. 

Escape The Room Atlanta was the first of this type of game to open in the city. There are many locations of this franchise scattered throughout the U.S., but this location is unique because it is actually located in the iconic Macy's store. 

Not only is this in the most popular part of the city, but some celebs have also been here as well, so you know you are going to a pretty cool place. Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter,  Young the Giant and Hey Violet are just a few big names who have participated in this game at this location. 

Your group can choose from three different rooms: The Rec Room, The Newsroom and The Apartment. Each room holds a different experience and they change periodically. You will have an hour to try to escape from these rooms, and let us tell you, it is not a walk in the park. 

If you have a large group of 12, The Newsroom is the room for you. Here, you will act as a reporter in front of an audience and you will have to find clues to solve the case, or you will be the laughing stock on the evening news. 

The Apartment escape room holds up to 10 people and you have to find clues on bookshelves and around the couch to get out. You will have to tear this apartment apart to try to get out, and still, you might not make it. 

In the last room, The Rec Room, you will be stuck in the 80s. But honestly, is that the worst thing? Surrounded by all the retro vibes, you will have to work together to get back to the present time. Think, the new movie Escape Room (seriously, watch it). 

Each of these rooms is great for team building and will get your brain working. They all have different puzzles to offer so you can go back every weekend to try to escape them in under an hour. If you are looking for a scarier experience, you can participate in one in Atlanta that will lock you in a serial killer's cabin, or lock you inside an insane asylum

Escape The Room Atlanta 

Price: $28 per person 

Address: 200 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Why You Need To Go: It is the original escape room in Atlanta and even celebrities have participated in these rooms. 

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