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CBD-Infused Supplements Are Coming To Georgia And We Are Entirely Here For It

With nitro coffee with CBD also in the works.

Atlanta is one of those cities where you really want to stay on top of your game at all times. This sentiment is no different when it comes to the amount of custom beers we have in the state. It seems a new brewery is opening up left and right and brewers are looking for new ways to stay competitive. Well, two Georgia Tech grads decided that a CBD-infused supplement was their ticker to being a fan favorite in the state. 

Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle (fraternity roommates and Tech alum) opened Second Self Beer Co. in 2014 on the North side of Atlanta. Jason and Chris realized then that the upswing in favor of beer in Georgia was soon to come and they were very correct. Five years after opening, breweries were an absolute boom and both bros were happy they got into the beer business when they did.

With the competition being so thick in Atlanta, it begs the question: how do you stay number one? Jason, known as a "Beer Architect" of Second Self, sat down with AJC to discuss the many ways they're looking to be a named brewery in Atlanta. Jason, being the one who creates all the new flavors and flavor profiles for the veteran brewery, says CBD was always in his plans so it wasn't much of a surprise to the team.

“I became a user of CBD last year," Jason stated, "I heard this phrase on a podcast that I really like: ‘It’s not what it does to you, it’s what it takes away." Jason clearly took the thought and ran with it and decided to create a CBD-infused dietary supplement, Cirrus, for their beverage line-up. Cirrus comes in two flavors, unflavored and papaya, and helps customers wind down.* 

But that's not all. On top of CBD, Second Self is looking to develop other spirits, including wines (in collaboration with local wineries), ciders and nitro coffee with and without CBD. The duo's goal is to have 20 taps in their taproom at all times and they are well on their way to doing so. 

Second Self Brewey Co. 

Price: 💸 

Address: 1317 Logan Cir NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Why you need to go: A wide selection of beers and a CBD-infused supplements available for purchase. Nitro coffee with and without CBD in the works.  


*This article has been updated.