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Tyler Perry's New Netflix Original Receives Heavy Constructive Criticism From Twitter

If you're not caught up on all the Tyler Perry drama, then you're on the wrong side of the Internet. The Atlanta-based Tyler Perry Studios recently released their first Netflix original and the response was less than stellar. Tyler Perry's Netflix Original A Fall From Grace was just that, a fall, and the Internet was right there to pick up all the pieces. 

The 50-year-old writer and director has had many successes in his career, including the first Black-owned film production studio. He is most famously known for his Madea series, where he plays an elderly Southern woman who says and does just about anything that comes to her mind. 

Over the years, Perry has chosen to step away from Madea and go into other storylines in TV and film, but not all of them are absolute winners. 

The latest backlash from his new Netflix Original, A Fall From Grace, came swift and with a fury. Fans are picking up not only story inconsistencies, but also filming mishaps that are just too obvious to ignore. 

The movie is based on an older, middle-aged woman (played by Crystal Fox) being taken on a whirlwind love story with a younger man (Mehcad Brooks) only for it all to come crashing down and landing her in prison.

A meek, unskilled lawyer (Bresha Webb) is tasked with proving her innocence and struggles to do so. There are a number of twists and turns, but overall the film has been rated a 44 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The first noticeable "pieces" watchers noticed are the wigs. Perry tends to be in most of his own movies (despite many fans asking him not to), but in the tradition of his films, he, along with other main characters, are wearing badly placed wigs.

This Twitter user questions, "imagine walking into tyler perry studios and shaking hands with tyler and he look good and he says “i’ll see you on set!” then an hour later on set u see him with his acting wig on." 

The most notable is the extra that's eating invisible food in a diner scene (also another badly placed wig here).

This user comments, "CMON TYLER PERRY!!!!!! I’m watching “A Fall From Grace” on Netflix and look at this extra in the movie eating invisible food and drinking invisible water."

The movie just continues to make filming glitches that fans and Netflix Original watchers were not going to let slide. 

One Twitter user brought a new perspective to the table (but it pretty much fell on deaf ears). 

With more commentary coming out every day from people watching, fans can only hope that the new series coming from the massive Tyler Perry Studios has more story development growth and better costumes in the future.

Perry has since responded to the commentary, including the many accusations of him receiving his wealth through the exploitation of Black women and Black American stereotypes, which he says he's just "telling a story."

A Fall From Grace is currently streaming on Netflix.

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