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Vegan Food In Atlanta Comes With Celebrity Sightings At This Restaurant

There are some Atlanta restaurants that are so good that even celebrities frequent them regularly. When you want to chow down and experience some celebrity sightings, those are the places to go. You might be surprised that one of them serve some of the best vegan food in Atlanta.

One restaurant with frequent celebrity sightings is Slutty Vegan. This is definitely one of Atlanta's most famous restaurants, and it's gotten even more popular since it opened in 2018.

The restaurant is located in Atlanta's West End, and it features tasty vegan food with delicious twists and risque names that make it fun to eat there. Beyond the food, there's also a chance you may see some Atlanta celebrities there.

Some of the most famous faces to appear at this Atlanta burger spot include Tyler Perry, Waka Flocka and even Snoop Dogg. Tiffany Haddish, Vince Carter and Lil Baby have also been caught trying the popular burgers.

Slutty Vegan owner Pinky Cole took to Instagram to advertise her business—and with great success. With videos of regular guests and famous people trying her over-the-top vegan burgers, people began to notice and try the restaurant out for themselves.

Now, it's become a local staple that's put Atlanta on the vegan food map.

Of course, most people just want to stop by to try the juicy burgers. Even if you're not vegan (or anywhere close), there's a good chance you're going to love the options on this menu.

However, while you're there, you may even run into a celebrity like 2Chainz, Big Boi, Trae Young or Blac Chyna. Be sure to play it cool, though.

If you're looking for some celebrity sightings with your dinner, this might just be the place to be.

Slutty Vegan

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Vegan

Address: 1542 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: This place has popular umami-packed vegan burgers and is known for celebrity sightings.

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