It might be a stretch to visit the pyramids in Egypt, so we suggest you eat one made of sushi, right here in ATL. Sushi in general is essential to happiness, but the sushi game is really changing things up in the best ways imaginable. Right here in Atlanta, you can eat sushi in the form of donuts, corndogs, pizza, and now pyramids. No matter which way you choose to devour your sushi, it's all super delicious.

Nonetheless, the delicate and creative shapes make it that much more exciting, which is why you need to try this Atlanta restaurant that serves sushi pyramids

Budi's Sushi, which opened in Feb. 2016 on Decatur Street, offers creative Asian dishes and specializes in sushi, teriyaki dishes and fried rice. They get fresh ingredients locally and sourcing some of their fresh fish straight from Asia and even New Zealand. Budi's vision centers around being the gold standard of sushi by providing the best quality, value and service to its customers. 

One of their most prized creations is the "Ocean Pyramid" which is literally all the contents of an amazing sushi roll, formed into a pyramid. It includes three types of fish: salmon, tuna and yellow tail. The rest is formed with rice, scallions, wasabi and avocado. The very tip of the pyramid consists of masago.

The contents are shaped in a hollow metal pyramid that is flipped upside down, then tapped onto the plate to hold its shape. the last step involves a pouring of flavorful sauces including ponzu (nom) around the pyramid.

They also serve traditional Japanese meals like Omu Soba; Indonesian fried rice; ramen; and tons of teriyaki bowls (with salmon). They have an extensive array of sushi, including entire sections for fried rolls, vegetarian rolls, nigiri and sashimi. They even have rolls named after superhero characters like the "Tony Stark" with shrimp tempura and crab topped with albacore, avocado, eel sauce, spicy sesame oil, masago and scallions; and "Peter Parker" with crab, tuna, yellowtail, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, jalapeno, sriracha and eel sauce. (hey, Spiderman). 

While you're indulging in all the Japanese food your belly can handle, make sure to wash it down with some bubble tea or an avocado smoothie (yes you read that right). Lastly, there is always room for dessert so top your meal off mochi ice cream or chocolate cheesecake. Grab some friends (preferably hungry ones who love superhero movies) and come ready for a taste of unique japanese cuisine

Budi's Sushi

Price: $5-$25

Address: 349 Decatur St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why you should go: To immerse yourself in a creative and authentic Japanese experience by enjoying creative sushi concotions, like the Ocean Pyramid.