Sleeping under the stars is supposed to be the perfect way to knock out, but sleeping underneath hundreds of species of marine life may just top that. That's why the Georgia Aquarium is giving you the chance to spend the night at the aquarium right after their massive beach party. All your childhood sleepovers will be put to shame after this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

It's all going down on Friday, Aug. 2. Your night will start off at the beach bash, otherwise known as "Sips Under the Sea." It's a completely grown folks event (21+), so you won't have to worry about some kid hogging up your view of the whale sharks (no offense kiddos). 

What makes this event even better is that you'll have the aquarium to yourself and all your fellow partygoers. 

Keeping in line with the beach theme is encouraged, so it's time to make a dollar store run and stock up on flower leis. If you're feeling super dedicated, add a Hawaiian shirt too. When your followers look back at your photos, they might think you actually took a tropical vacay.

You'll want to have one hand free for photos and the other hand free for drinks. If you opt for general admission, two drinks are included in your ticket. VIP royalty will have access to an open bar all night long. 

Wolfgang Puck will be in the building to cater, so you know they'll come through with some drool-worthy, beach-inspired tapas. And yes, both ticket tiers pay for food. 

Now on to what will undoubtedly be the best part of the night: the sleepover. The aquarium will likely provide you a mat, but make sure you have blankets and pillows handy. We are living for being able to watch the fishies while in pajamas.

Tickets won't be sold at the door, so make room in your schedule to come through today. If you made it to the aquarium's Fourth of July bash, you already know you'll have the most memorable night in the city. 

Beach Bash at Georgia Aquarium

Price: Tickets start at $39.95 for non-members

Address: 225 Baker St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Why you need to go: It's not every day you can have an adult sleepover with hundreds of awesome strangers AND marine life.