I think we can all agree that staying in an Airbnb is more fun (and usually cheaper) than staying in a hotel on vacation. They also make for a great quick getaway from reality for a while. Atlanta has Georgia’s #1 wish-listed Airbnb and you will want to book a night as soon as possible.

Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse in the Bamboo Forrest is one of the dreamiest and most relaxing getaways. This Airbnb was featured on the show Treehouse Masters, so you know it is the real deal.

This place will make you feel like you are in your own secluded world, outside of busy Atlanta. Not to mention, the hosts of the Airbnb have raving reviews on how hospitable they are. 

It is located high in the trees in a private bamboo forest on the owner’s property. During your stay, you can wake up to llamas and alpacas walking around the forest.

You are able to interact with the animals and have an experience like no other. They are well taken care of by the owners, and they even introduce you to the animals when you arrive. 

This is not your average treehouse either. You will be welcomed by a queen-sized mattress with memory foam to sleep on. As a kid, you were lucky if there weren’t any holes in the wooden boards of the treehouse…

As you wake up, you will see the sun beaming through the skylight and the bamboo that towers over the house. This forest of bamboo is 80-years old and is still standing, so make sure you take in the beauty as your day gets started.

This treehouse is not one of those "treehouses on the ground". It is 15 feet above the forest floor. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

If that isn’t impressive enough, there is also a Bali bed beneath the house. This swinging rope bed seems like it came right out of a Pinterest post, or from a luxury island house on HGTV. It has a full-sized mattress so there is plenty of room to relax.

Now onto the actual treehouse itself, how the heck was it made?

The back porch is held up by black locust trees and the stairs leading up to the house are made out of live-edge heart cedar, according to Airbnb. 

This Atlanta treehouse can sleep up to four guests. 

The property also hosts weddings and events, so keep this in mind when you are planning your next gathering!

The nightly rate starts at $375 per night, and there are still plenty of nights available for this summer. We did the maths for you, and it's about $122 per night per person if you're 4 people renting the treehouse.

Prices are subject to change.