Have you ever wanted to live in a tiny house? It can be difficult to get your hands on a tiny house to purchase, but if you're looking for an escape from your everyday life for a while, you can always choose to stay in one on your next staycation in Atlanta. Not only are tiny houses super cute, but they're generally pretty affordable since they're so small. Don't worry—if you choose the right one, you'll still have plenty of space.

That's why you'll want to check out this tiny house near East Atlanta Village. Tiny houses really don't get cuter than this small spot, and you'll be amazed by how cozy it is the second you walk in the door. At only $54 a night, it's very affordable.

It sleeps three people, so you can easily split the cost with some of your friends if you want to enjoy a getaway with your crew. It also makes for a romantic getaway spot if you're looking for someplace to go with your special someone.

Even though the house only comes in around 210-square-feet, you'll find that it's quite spacious when you first walk in. While it's cozy, you're going to have plenty of room at the same time.

This Airbnb will come with everything you need for a relaxing stay. It has a full bathroom and a kitchenette with a coffee maker, so you can even make some food there. There's even a little fold-out table you can eat at if you don't want to go out for food.

However, you'll definitely want to get out and explore a bit. This Airbnb is located within walking distance of East Atlanta Village, which has a ton of bars, restaurants, and quirky shops to check out. Since you don't even have to get in your car to go there, it's so easy to explore.

There are plenty of other great spots to stay in the Atlanta area if you're looking for affordable accomodation, including an tiny home with an attached arcade and an Airstream Airbnb you might just fall in love with.

East Atlanta Village Airbnb

Price Per Night: $54 

Address Or Neighbourhood: East Atlanta Village

Why You Need To Go: This trendy tiny house is affordable and in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Atlanta.