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Zoo Atlanta's Two-Toed Sloth Cocoa's Soulmate Nutella Has Finally Arrived

It is always exciting when a new animal is born or when a new animal is brought to your state zoo. Zoo Atlanta has had so many new additions in 2019 and another one was just added to the party. Atlanta has welcomed a new two-toed sloth to the big Georgia city. 

Nutella, a two-year-old sloth, just arrived from the Topeka Zoo. The move of Nutella was recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Hoffmann's Two-Toed Sloth Species Survival Plan, according to Zoo Atlanta

They want to make sure that the population of this type of sloth remains genetically diverse and healthy for generations. The association wants Nutella to breed with the male sloth, Cocoa in Atlanta. Nutella and Cocoa, it is just meant to be. 

These types of sloths are not endangered, but they could be headed in that direction. Those in the wild face destructions of their homes, human encroachment and pet trade. Sloths, especially two-toed, are not meant to be kept as house pets, so this is a big threat to them. 

Social media has been the driver for people to participate in having sloths as pets. Those who post on Instagram showing off their "exotic pets" will influence others to do the same.

Nutella is receiving the welcome wagon by getting introduced to her neighboring friends. Right now, there is adult female sloth Bonnie and her 8-month-old daughter, Willow. There are also two golden lion tamarins, Eva and Leao, who will share the same habitat with the sloths. 

After Nutella settles in, she will be introduced to Cocoa who she will eventually mate with. Right now, you can find her at the KIDZone area at the zoo.  

There are many new things to see at Zoo Atlanta, including the new African Savanna habitat, and you need to go see them as soon as you can. The zoo has gone through many changes, but all to benefit the animals that call it their home. 

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