Season 3 Of "Atypical" On Netflix Hasn't Even Been Out A Week But Fans Want Season 4 Now

Because who doesn't want more Sam Gardner in their life?
"Atypical" Season 3 On Netflix Canada

When it comes to Netflix Originals, it seems as though some of the best ones are the least talked about - in some cases, anyways. Netflix has a pretty impressive roster of shows that they've released since 2013, but not all of them were created equally. Just last week, the streaming service released the third season of a show called Atypical,  and although the series isn't as popular as many others on Netflix, it's arguably one of the best. Atypical season 3 on Netflix Canada is so good that fans want season 4 ASAP.

If you're not familiar with the show, Atypical follows the Gardner family which consists of Sam, a teenager with high-functioning autism, his sister Casey, a track star who's beginning to question her sexuality, his mother Elsa, who was recently caught in the midst of some scandalous drama that's torn the family apart, and his father Doug, who's really just trying to figure it all out.

The third season of the show saw Sam embark on his next big journey - college. It also saw him navigating his relationships with his best friend, Zahid, and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Paige. We also saw Casey continue to explore her feelings for her boyfriend and classmate, as well as Doug and Elsa trying to repair their obviously damaged relationship.

Even though a lot happened this season, fans still aren't fully satisfied and are already begging for season four of the hit series.

"Ok @Atypical we have waited long enough...where’s the season 4 trailer," one person joked. "Atypical on Netflix is so cute. I know they just released season 3 but I need season 4 NOW," added another.

If you haven't gotten around to watching season three of Atypical yet, the newest season consists of 10 episodes, all of which are roughly 30 minutes in length, so it won't take you too long to binge-watch.

You can check out the trailer for the hit Netflix Original below.

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