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Season 3 Of “Atypical” On Netflix Canada Finally Has A Premiere Date & It’s So Soon

Counting down the days until the next season!
"Atypical" Season 3 On Netflix Canada

The best part about the many Netflix Originals that come out every month is that they all bring something totally new and unique to the table, making sure that each person across Netflix's diverse and wide viewer-base is satisfied. Some people love fun, reality TV shows, while others enjoy watching "dramedies" that fulfill your emotional needs while also including elements of humour. If you're a member of the latter category, there's a Netflix original that you need to add to your roster ASAP. Atypical season 3 on Netflix Canada will be streaming this November.

If you're not familiar with Atypical, it's a coming-of-age series about a young boy named Sam (played by Keir Gilchrist), who's an 18-year-old that also happens to be on the autism spectrum. In Sam's case, his autism is high functioning, which allows him to live a semi-normal life, go to school, date, and have a job. 

One thing that's definitely not normal about Sam's life though, is his family. His younger sister Casey (played by Brigette Lundy-Paine) is a high school track star that often finds herself in trouble for sticking up to bullies, and his mom, Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), has thrown herself into the autism support community since Sam was diagnosed, leaving her with very little time to care for herself.

Finally, Sam has his father, Doug (Michael Rapaport), with whom he has a rocky relationship with at first, but the father-son duo definitely becomes closer over the course of the show.

The first season of Atypical hit Netflix back in 2017, with a second season following up in 2018. Just a few months ago, Netflix announced it would be bringing the series back for yet another season, and now we finally have a premiere date! Season three of Atypical will be streaming on Netflix on November 1.

If you've been keeping up with Sam and his adventures from the beginning, you may be wondering what season three is bringing to the table. Warning, there are definitely spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the first two seasons.

Fans of Atypical are seriously hoping that the new season will address Casey's almost-kiss with her schoolmate Izzie, and whether or not she plans to break up with her boyfriend because of it. Season two saw Sam get accepted into university, so fans are also hoping to see how he adjusts to his new adult life at Denton University.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released a trailer for the upcoming season of the hit series, but it's likely that they will over the coming weeks. Be sure to mark your calendars, and get ready to binge-watch season three of Atypical on November 1.

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