Here’s Everything We Know About Season 3 Of “Atypical” On Netflix Canada

It's coming this fall!
Here’s Everything We Know About Season 3 Of “Atypical” On Netflix Canada

Netflix has been continuously credited on their shows for representation and inclusivity and Atypical is one of their critically acclaimed shows that joined The Good Doctor in representing characters who fall on the autism spectrum. Atypical was a huge hit when it began streaming back in 2017. Ever since the show was confirmed for a third season, fans have been waiting for the Atypical season 3 premiere date.  

Netflix's description of Atypical reads, "When a teen on the autism spectrum decides to get a girlfriend, his bid for more independence puts his whole family on a path of self-discovery." It's no surprise that so many Netflix subscribers have been anticipating the newest season, especially with the shows 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. If you're an Atypical fan here's everything we know about season 3. 

Season 3 Plot 

While we don't have any synopsis yet of the newest season, the season 2 finale left us with a lot of potential storylines. For Sam, we saw him apply to university which is where the audience will probably see him heading in the upcoming season. 

Another big plot point that's likely to take the spotlight is Casey and her discovery of feelings for her friend Izzie. What could this mean for her relationship with her boyfriend Evan? 

Sam and Casey's parents are also dealing with issues themselves. This season will most likely deal with the repairing of the Gardener's marriage after dealing with an affair. 

New Cast Members

With new plots come new characters and there have been a few exciting cast announcements for the upcoming season. Sara Gilbert was a huge cast announcement for the show. The Roseanne star is set to play Professor Judd. The other casting announcement was also a professor who goes by Professor Shinerock played by Eric McCormack. 

Netflix Release Date 

There isn't an exact release date for season 3 of Atypical yet, but due to previous release dates and the cast filming back in April, the newest season will most likely hit Netflix in fall 2019.

Season 3 will be back with ten 30-minute episodes!

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