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This New Japanese Ice Cream Shop Is Opening Their Doors To Austin This Weekend

From the minds that brought you Ramen Tatsu-ya
This New Japanese Ice Cream Shop Is Opening Their Doors To Austin This Weekend

Us Texans love our Japanese cuisine. Ask anyone in the Lone Star State and they'll agree that Ramen Tatsu-ya, among other Japanese restaurants, are some of their favorites. The popular Ramen Tatsu-ya has many locations across Austin and the owners have opened bars and other restaurants as well. Now, a Japanese ice cream shop is the newest addition to the Tatsu-ya family and the names of each ice cream alone is enough to get us excited. 

On Saturday, September 14, the doors to DipDipDip Ice Cream are finally opening to ice cream lovers everywhere. Though this ice cream has a bit of a twist to it, ingredients like caramel-chocolate-shiitake mushroom, pickled blueberry gel, and plum jam are used to send your tastebuds on an adventure. Plus, the cones are hand-dipped mochiko cones! If you're more of a cup guy or gal, they'll have those as well. 

Miso PB&J, Barney Poo, and Shroom of Doom are just some of the dessert names we were referencing. Everything on their menu comes with crazy toppings you can't find anywhere else. 

The ice cream shop is going to be open from 12 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 12 to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, they wont be open for breakfast. 

Another fun addition is the fact that DipDipDip Ice Cream has self-service ordering. Their outdoor kiosk will let you choose what you want for yourself and they'll do the rest. Talk about service.

Unique dessert shops aren't uncommon in the Austin area. We've got plenty! Instead of going somewhere you've tried a thousand times, make sure to come out to this awesome ice cream shop during and after it's opening on Saturday. 

DipDipDip Ice Cream

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Address: 7301 Burnet Rd #101, Austin, TX 78757

Why you need to go: This type of ice cream is the stuff of dreams, and not what you can find just anywhere. 


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