We know your summer bucket list is filled to the brim already, so here's to hoping you have room for one more thing to see. Austin is home to many treasures, and some are lesser known than others. If you've driven through Austin before, you might have seen a massive bridge, also known as the Austin 360 Bridge. What you may not have known, is that there's a spot you can go to overlook it along with many other beautiful views in the area.

The 360 Overlook is a gorgeous spot that takes a very short hike to get to. In order to begin the hike, you'll park on the west side of the road immediately north of the bridge. There's plenty of room for parking, just be careful when you back out! Once you're ready to go (camera in tow) you'll begin the hike up a very short but rocky trail. Bring the right shoes, heels are the only thing unwelcome here!

Once you get to the top, you'll be absolutely blown away. You may have been on Lake Austin or the Colorado River before, but there's something about seeing things from an aerial view that makes you appreciate them even more. These stunning bodies of water almost always have people on/in them - swimming, kayaking, you name it. Make sure to wave hello to your fellow Austinites while you're up on top of the overlook!

Visiting during sunset is recommended, as it offers the most beautiful pictures. If you're looking for a spot to shoot pictures for a special occasion, this just might be it. Texas skies are mind-blowing and especially with a view like this. It's also always nice to hike (no matter how short) when the temperatures have cooled down in the evening. No matter when you decide to go, you'll get a new appreciation for Austin and the beauty within it.

Austin 360 Bridge

Price: Free!

Address: 360 Bridge Austin, TX 78746

Why you need to go: Overlooking the Austin 360 Bridge is iconic for both Austin residents and Austin visitors. You'll get the most stunning views after a very short hike, something you can't say about most places!