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You Can Rent Out This Entire Boozy Austin Arcade & Ice Cream Shop For Super Cheap

Being stuck at home is not the most ideal situation and so many Austinites are just itching to get out of the house. There are only a few things that locals can partake in at the moment, with so many places being closed. However, now you can safely get ready for a wild night out because this Austin arcade clubhouse has a new, cheap rental package where you can play games, hang with your quarantine buddies, and binge on sweets all by yourselves.

Violet Crown Clubhouse is a local Austin favorite that has brought endless fun, events, and activities to the community. The spot has an indoor arcade, iconic desserts and snacks, a big event space, and much more.

The clubhouse is currently closed, although they offer a private takeover of their arcade and ice cream shop so locals can have some fun without risking their safety.

The rental means the entire clubhouse is open just for you and your crew and it includes everything you could ever want. Plus, it's only $150 per private rental, and that's for up to six people!

When you arrive, you will be greeted with their yummy pre-packaged ice cream and popcorn, plus all of the games will be turned on and you'll have access to their mini-fridge stocked with drinks.

Guests will get an entire hour and a half to hang out, enjoy snacks, play games, and have a good time. 

The 1.5-hour rental comes with six ice creams, a giant bag of popcorn, two drinks to include beer and wine, anything from the mini-fridge, and you can bring your own liquor and boozy drinks to enjoy while you're there.

You and your quarantine partners will have a blast hanging out at your very own private arcade and modern soda and ice cream shop!

The Violet Crown Clubhouse has also been selling "Party Packs To Go" to keep their customers happy and full during these times. You can pick up or get delivered a pack that includes five tubs of ice cream, a big bag of their popcorn, and two drinks of your choice to include beer for $42.

Violet Crown Clubhouse

Price: $150

When: May 2020

Address: 7100 Woodrow Ave., Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can rent out the entire arcade and clubhouse for a wild night out with ice cream, booze, games, and more!

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