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Austin Got A Grilled Cheese Spot This Month With Mouthwatering Sandwiches

Well Austin, you've done it again. The city has given us yet another reason to never leave or to visit it for the hundredth time. A famous grilled cheese spot just opened its new Austin location this month, and from the looks of the menu, it better not be going away any time soon!

The Happy Grilled Cheese has made 5000 Burnet Rd in Austin its home as of this month, and we're not complaining.

You may be familiar with that address, and that's possibly because many popular food trucks reside there. It looks like the food truck has a few neighbors!

This Happy Grilled Cheese food truck in Austin is only the fifth location open to date, with every other one being in Jacksonville, Florida.

The drive from Texas to Florida isn't a short one, so we're extremely lucky to now have one directly in the heart of the Lone Star State. 

Now, let's talk about their menu.

The menu at their Austin location consists of melts, side items, and desserts. You'll probably want to order one of each.

Each melt has a unique ingredient to it that you wouldn't find in just any grilled cheese, such as mac and cheese.

The names of the melts range from "Papi Cheese-o" to "Daddy of the Mac" to "Ham & Cheese Please"! And that's just three of many.

Their sides consist of tomato soup, fries, chips, and queso! All of which go great with grilled cheese, just ask anyone ever.

Finally, for dessert, you can choose between a S'More Melt or a Caramel Apple Dip Melt.

No matter what you decide on, you'll leave Happy Grilled Cheese, well, happy.

Austin is clearly no stranger to delicious food trucks, I mean, the city even throws full-on food festivals centered around them.

There's a vegan-friendly food truck festival coming up next month that you have to check out. 

Start heading over to Happy Grilled Cheese, you definitely wanna be one of the first to try 'em!

The Happy Grilled Cheese

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Cuisine: Grilled Cheese

Address: 5000 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: To get the cheesiest, meltiest, tastiest grilled cheese sandwiches with tons of delicious sides and even more delicious desserts.

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