Vacationing in style is a must, and there's more than a few ways to do it. Some, more unique than others. This summer we encourage you to steer clear from ordinary hotels and experience your vacation in the coolest new way. Austin has the perfect Lakeside Villa property for you and your friends to stay in while getting your summer tan on.

This villa in Austin gives luxury a whole new meaning. To start off, you'll take a private tram all the way up to the top of the lakeside hill. According to the listing, this villa is the "only residence east of the Rocky Mountains that requires a tram" to get to it! How neat is that?

A total of six people are able to stay at once, which makes the price of the villa extremely doable! The interior of the villa is absolutely stunning and the host has made sure you're fully taken care of from the massive bathrooms to the kitchen. You can even have a private chef stop in and whip something up for you!

As stunning as the interior is, it's what you see once you step outdoors that'll truly take your breath away. There's not one, but three balcony decks with views of Lake Travis, Mansfield Dam, and Hudson Bend. Being surrounded by all of these beautiful bodies of water is gonna make it hard not to dive right in! The more tempting it is, the better. 

Staying in Austin means you're near quite a bit of exciting activities. Whether you're only there for one night, or four, you won't ever run out of things to. That's why vacationing in Austin is so perfect. And remember, the more times you leave the villa, the more times you'll have to come back up that awesome private tram!

Luxury Villa

Price: $595.46 per night

Address: Austin, Texas

Why you need to go: This luxury villa is the only residence in Texas that has a private tram! You'll get to experience something very few people do while vacationing in a true paradise.