Austin Is Getting A Massive New Indoor Dog Park With A Coffee Shop Inside

You've never seen a dog park like this before.
Austin Is Getting A Massive New Indoor Dog Park With A Coffee Shop Inside

Austin dog owners, it's time to get excited because the coolest dog park is coming your way. Canine Commons announced this week that they will be setting up their first Texas location and it’s going to be massive. The park will include everything your pup needs to have a day of fun and a couple of awesome amenities for their owners too. While no date or location has been officially announced, we expect nothing but the best for the anticipated 50,000-square foot space.

Canine Commons will have a coffee shop in case you need to reload while your up plays, and they will also have indoor and outdoor spaces to hang out. Both of the spaces will have an off-leash area for your dogs to run free while being monitored by Canine Commons attendants. You will be able to buy memberships or daily passes depending on your pups needs. For a single dog daily pass you’ll pay $18 and for a single dog membership, it’ll be $49. The membership includes unlimited training in any of their classes.

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The multistory park will include an indoor dog track where you and your favorite pups can go for a run. They will also have a retail area where guest can purchase anything their pets need before heading out the door. The space was created for both owners and dogs to socialize and meet new people.

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The commons in Austin is just one of the latest announced in the expansion which includes Phoenix. This upcoming park is only the third one in the world which makes it extra special. The expansion will consist of five cities and it is yet to be known if another Texas city will be on the map.

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To stay updated on Canine Commons, you can stay updated with Narcity or you can check out their Facebook page for any future updates here.