We all love desserts. The only thing better is when the desserts look as magical as they taste. Get ready because according to Eater, the Magical Dessert Bar will be opening their first location in Austin this May. 

The dessert bar will be located on 511 East 6th St. The Austin location will be the fourth the company will open in Texas just this year. No exact date has been confirmed for the opening but we can tell you it will be magical. 

The dessert bar gained fame when they started creating unicorn themed treats. They have everything from cake to donuts all covered in bright pastel colors. Some of the designs you can expect to find at the Magical Dessert Bar include cookies shaped like rainbows, cupcakes with unicorn horns on them and a giant shake with a slice of cake on top that has a unicorn horn with a donut on it. 

Prices for these magical treats start at $3 and work their way up. 

If unicorns aren't your thing but still want a great shake, they also offer massive shakes with cake on top in red velvet and chocolate with a huge ice cream sandwiches on top. 

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The Houston Magical Dessert bar already opened earlier this year with their hours being from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. everyday so Austin can expect no different. 

Austin will be the last of the Texas lineup, for now, with locations opening up in Fort Worth on April 12 and in Dallas on April 19. 

For more information on Magical Dessert Bar, you can visit their Facebook page here.