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Austin Is Getting An All-New Vegan Cheese, Deli And Wine Bar This Summer

They will serve gourmet cheeses and meats that are 100% vegan!
Austin Is Getting An All-New Vegan Cheese, Deli And Wine Bar This Summer

Whoever said charcuterie couldn't be vegan was totally wrong. This summer, Austin is getting a brand new deli, cheese and wine bar that serves everything completely vegan! The new Rebel Cheese Vegan Deli & Wine Shop will offer the best vegan cheeses and meats that the city has to offer. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or neither, you should definitely taste the wonders of this new vegan spot.

The new Rebel Cheese Vegan Deli & Wine Shop is every Austinites new favorite spot for cheese plates and vegan meats. They will also serve a long menu of classic cafe dishes like sandwiches, soups, and salads. And you can visit Rebel Cheese to get your hands on those hard to find vegan grocery items that aren't typically found in Texas grocery stores.

Their biggest draw is their charcuterie and cheese boards that are 100% vegan. With a cheese board, you will get a beautiful tray of different cheeses, olives, house butter, fig jam, pears, and apples. Add on the charcuterie board and you will get the cheese board plus vegan sausage, pepperoni, and pate.

 Some of their morning menu items will include breakfast sandwiches with tofu eggs and vegan sausage, bagels with vegan cream cheese, overnight oats, and a daily quiche.

Lunch and dinner items will include grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon and brie on a baguette and an iconic Reuben sandwich. They also have cheesy salads and classic soup favorites.

If you're not sold yet, Rebel Cheese will be doing pop-ups to showcase their new foods around the city until they officially open this summer. They will be out on April 13th from 12 to 5 at the 6th Anniversary Possum Park Party on 701 E 53rd St. Stop by and be amazed by the power of vegan food!

The new Rebel Cheese Vegan Deli & Wine Shop will be located at the Mueller Community at 2200 Aldrich Street, Suite 120 Austin, TX 78723.

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