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A Massive And Tasty Oktoberfest Is Coming To Austin This September

All the beer and sausage you can handle!
A Massive And Tasty Oktoberfest Is Coming To Austin This September

German culture is extremely popular in almost every part of Texas. With Wurstfest coming up in October, we're starting to see signs of excitement for the upcoming season. As the leaves start to change, so does our need for delicious beer and pretzels as big as our face. One event, in particular, brings more excitement than the rest, and that's the Austin Oktoberfest! Or Austober fest, depending on which you prefer.

On Saturday, September 28th from 5 to 11 PM, you can spend your entire evening sipping beer and biting down on the most delicious brats and saurkraut. Don't be shy about going all out, I know I would! Austin Oktoberfest is a twist on the OG which originated in, of course, Germany. Tickets to this country aren't particularly cheap, so we'll take what we can get!

Throughout the event, there will be tons of live, authentic music for all attendees to enjoy. Until August 8th you can buy early bird tickets which are only $40! This price is unbeatable and much better than what you'd have to pay at the door, though buying a ticket the day of is still totally affordable and acceptable. We understand doing things spur of the moment!

If you're looking for some fun activities to take part in, Austin Oktoberfest doesn't disappoint. There will be bowling, a contest stage, and all-you-can-eat sausage as well as tons of other German food! If you haven't started saving up for a trip to Germany yet, you'll surely be tempted to after an amazing event such as this one. Oh, and don't be afraid to dress up!

Austin Oktoberfest

Price: 💸

Cuisine: German 

Address: 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701

Why you need to go: Traveling to Germany isn't cheap, so when Germany comes to you-you have to go! This is just a small piece of the magic this country has to offer. Brush up on your German and come out for one amazing night!


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