The popular Texan burger restaurant Hopdoddy Burger Bar has announced it is going to be opening its first spin-off restaurant, Lil'doddy Burgers and Beer, this April in south Austin. The new burger joint will feature a mouth-watering menu of burgers and craft beers that all of their fans know and love. The restaurant chain wanted to create a place where their award-winning burgers could be ordered and eaten at a much quicker pace while still being above the quality of typical fast food.

The new Lil'doddy location will be the first of its kind. It is meant to provide quicker service and faster food delivery, giving the spot a new "fast-food" feel without serving any low-quality food. The burgers featured on their menu will be some of the classic favorites and will still have the same freshness and delectableness as the main locations. 

Hopdoddy, though it is considered a casual dining spot, still seats its customers and gives them an assigned waiter/waitress to bring them their food, drinks, and anything they may need after. Their hybrid form of dining in and ordering up front is what made the burger spot unique, alongside their incredible flavors and delicately cooked meats. 

Though the new Lil'doddy menu hasn't been released yet, we can assume their prices will be similar to the original location's. At Hopdoddy, burgers run from $7 for the classic original to $12.50 for the more deluxe creations. 

The burgers are made with the highest quality ingredients, and their buns are baked twice a day to ensure customers get the freshest bread! All of the meats used in the burgers are guaranteed to be hormone free and humanely processed.

Beers and alcoholic drinks will be served at the location, as well. With estimated prices from $4 beers to $10 cocktails, Lil'doddy makes a great spot to relax or hang out with friends without breaking the bank. 

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Lil’doddy Burgers and Beer will be opening on 4625 West William Cannon Drive in Oak Hill sometime in April.