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You Can Enjoy All Things Meat At Austin's First-Ever Bacon Festival Next Month

Somewhere in the world, Ron Swanson is cheering.
You Can Enjoy All Things Meat At Austin's First-Ever Bacon Festival Next Month

If you love bacon, you're not alone. Not even close! Bacon is one of those rare delicacies you can enjoy at every single meal and almost never get sick of. There are endless ways to eat it, and luckily for us, there's a festival coming to Austin that'll prove just that. The ATX BaconFest is in less than a month, so let the countdown begin.

Starting on Saturday, September 7 until Sunday, September 8, you can join other bacon connoisseurs in the Austin area for the greatest festival ever. From 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., the tastiest bacon-serving vendors will be at the iconic Palm Door to allow delicious tastings of all their tasty bacon dishes. They already have 5+ coming out on each day, with more to come!

Flying Pig Provision Company, Austin's Pizza, Plow Distribution and more will be some of the very special guests at the festival next month. They'll not only have bacon, but pizza and other dishes smothered in the sizzling meat. Austin is the greatest city in the world for several reasons, and the fact that we have festivals such as these goes to prove just that!

Throughout the festival, there'll be crazy live entertainment from DJ PhilDoesIt, Sam Houston, Powell Party and more. It's not an Austin celebration without some serious music and dancing, which The ATX BaconFest won't be lacking in. This is the first-ever event of this kind, once that first weekend of September comes and goes we'll just be waiting for the next one. Don't go bacon' anyone's heart and miss out on something like this!

The ATX BaconFest

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Cuisine: Bacon galore!

Address: Palm Door on 6th, 508 E. Sixth Street, Austin, TX

Why you need to go: So many tasty vendors all with unique ways of serving up bacon. There's no wrong way to eat it!


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